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Biotech Price Behavior

Four drugs proceed through PH I, II, and III clinical trials before FDA approval to the right.

The journey is long, expensive, and rarely successful.

If STATUS: HUMAN EFFICACY SUCCESS is reached in a PH III clinical trial, the market value explodes.

But what are those falling squigglies?

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The Value of Data

The squigglies represent bio r&d data. This data is EXTREMELY VALUABLE!

IKU stores bio r&d data in an accessible data repository. Let’s call this the” NeuroDRO.”

NEURON Tokens represent data ownership, rights to commercial royalty, and keys to license.

The more data points, the higher the license value. Then theoretically, a higher license value.

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IKU’s Strategy

100x efficiency vs. Market - Deliver 100x more data outputs with generally the same inputs

Direct to Phase II/III human trial - Incentivizes would-be data stealers to respect the DRO as DRO is way ahead in time and money

Cost < $3 million - IKU only spends resources if human data available.

Biomarker Established - A measurable indicator of a biological state or condition. MIT research proves a 300% greater success rate if biomarkers are established

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